What Is the Best Diaper Rash Treatment for Babies?

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A rash seems always become the annoying problem for many parents. It appears with bumps and blotches on the newborn baby’s skin that sometimes makes new parents get panic. However, the diaper rash is not harmful and it can clear up by itself as you know how to do diaper rash treatment for babies correctly. • Read More »

Healing Sandpaper Like Rash on Baby

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Having a baby is very amazing moment. A baby still cannot develop his body well. Your baby’s skin is three times thinner than yours. You should carefully care his skin. The most common case that is occurred to his skin is rash. You may find sandpaper like rash on baby. You do not need to • Read More »

Heat Bumps on Baby’s Back

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Heat bumps can be itchy. Heat bumps are also called as miliaria or prickly heat. Usually, it is occurred when the weather is humid and hot. Heat pumps can be occurred to all ages, especially baby. Baby’s skin is prone since it still develops fewer sweat glands. Heat pumps will make you and your baby • Read More »