Acne Baby Rash On Face Treatment

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Baby rash on face treatment should be based on the identification of the rash. The rash on baby face may caused by numerous of factors and baby acne is one of the common cause of the facial rash on baby. Baby facial rash due to baby acne can be treated with several of ways.

Here are some methods of the baby rash on face treatment you might apply at home:Acne Baby Rash On Face Treatment, Wash The Drool

The first method of treating the baby rash is applying mild soap or warm water on baby acne. Wash your baby’s face for at least once a day with mild soap or soap that made special for baby’s sensitive skin. Another option is herbal mild soap or warm water if baby has a very sensitive skin. After wash your baby’s facial skin using the soap and warm water, pat dry your baby’s facial skin using a soft washcloth that has beenlaundered with mild detergent; do not soak the washcloth in fabric softener. Harsh detergent or fabric softener may aggravate the baby’s acne.Acne Baby Rash On Face Treatment, Honey And lemon Juice

Baby’s face are prone to get wet from drool, foods or milk, make sure you wash baby’s face and mouth after feeding, when baby drools, or after drinking. Baby’s formula may aggravate the baby acne, make sure to keep baby’s skin dry and clean as possible.Acne Baby Rash On Face Treatment, Put A drop Of Breast Milk On The RAsh

The next baby rash on face treatment is honey and lemon juice. Add 1 tablespoon of honey and 1 tablespoon of lemon juice in a cup or bowel. Rub baby’s affected face with the solution using cotton swab. Please pay attention on baby’s mouth and eyes area. Keep the solution on the face for about 30 minutes. Wipe the face you are treating using a warm washcloth that has been laundered with mild detergent. The other way is applying a few drops of breast milk to the affected area.

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