Aloe Vera For Rash On Baby Bottom

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Rash on baby bottom is occasionally caused by diaper rash. Diaper rash can occur when baby is left with wet and dirty diaper for too long. There are several of remedies to get rid of the diaper rash range from natural to chemical. For natural remedies, you can opt for aloe vera among abundant choices.Aloe Vera For Rash On Baby Bottom

Aloe vera is believed to treat skin irritation and burns for a long time ago, this also makes aloe vera one of possible options to treat diaper rash. To make use aloe vera for rash on baby bottom, you can easily apply pure aloe vera gel on affected skin every diaper change time. You can extract aloe vera just right from the plant too. Using knife cut a mature leaf of aloe vera, and then you can squeeze the juice from the cut edge. Apply the juice on the affected baby bottom after each diaper change. Right after baby bottom is clean, you can let it air dry for a while and then apply a thin layer of aloe juice or gel.Aloe VEra Juice For Rash On Baby Bottom

Aloe vera for rash on baby bottom is effective to prevent diaper rash and to soothe mild diaper rash. To treat moderate to extremely bad diaper rash you can use ointments that contain zinc oxide and aloe. While the aloe soothe the rash, zinc oxide will act as a barrier to keep the skin moisturized and make the affected skin does not worsen.Put A Thin Layer Of Aloe Juice For Rash On Baby Bottom

Although aloe vera is effective to treat diaper rash, it is possible that your baby has allergic reaction to aloe. When you find diaper rash along with addition rash or any associated symptoms after you perform the aloe treatment, you need to stop the treatment. The other consideration, the rash may spread further than the diaper area or your baby develops open sore or pus when you perform home treatment, you need to consult pediatrician immediately.

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