Applying Baby Neck Rash Treatment

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Neck rash is commonly happened to baby, especially fat baby. The neck fold can be easily irritated. You do not need to be panic when your baby get rash. There are several simple cares that you can do to treat the rash. Try to do the baby neck rash treatment, before taking your baby to the doctor. These are several treatments that you can apply.

  1. Regularly remove the dirt from the affected area by washing with clean water and soft cloth. It is better for you to avoid using soap. If you want to use soap, choose a soap that is mild. Harsh soap can hurt the rashes area.
  2. Always dry the neck area after washing it. Use a soft towel to pat the neck area. You should do it smoothly or it will hurt your baby.Best baby neck rash treatment
  3. Neck is area that is prone to moisture. You should check it every hour and keep it dry.
  4. At warmer weather, you can place humidifier to make your room cooler. Cool room will lessen the moisture in your baby’s body.
  5. Help your baby’s neck stretch rarely. This way can help his neck to air. You can keep dry his neck skin.
  6. If you want to use moisturizer, you should ensure that it is alcohol free. You need to choose moisturizer that contains olive oil. See the composition of the moisturizer before buying it.
  7. Wear your baby with soft cloth. Do not take too tight cloth since it can irritate your baby’s skin.
  8. Buy recommended cream from your chemist. You need to apply the cream based on the suggestion. Do not use talc powder for your baby’s neck since it can make some breathing difficulties.
  9. If the rashes on your baby’s neck do not secure after doing all those treatments, you need to consult with doctor.

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