Babies And Heat Rash: Do And Don’t

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Babies and heat rash are commonly associated each other. Baby seems to develop one or more rashes during the first year of their life since the immune system has not fully developed. Heat rash is quite common found on babies. Babies unlike adult, has little pore and when they exposed to warmer environment, they tend to sweat a lot. The excessive sweat makes the sweat glands are blocked and the skin is irritated. When it is happened the rash occurs and sometimes accompanied with prickles too.

Babies and heat rash although may related one to another but it is possible to prevent heat rash to come. Here are some of the do and don’ts to prevent and to treat the heat rash.

Babies And Heat RAsh, Opt For Cotton ClothesAs prevention, you may start to dress your baby loosely. Choose material of the fabric that cool and breathable like cotton. Make sure baby in a room with a comfortable room temperature, to do so you may use fans or air conditioner. Pay attention more on baby’s folds of skin area such as neck and abdomen. The increased fat folds of the skin are area that easy to get heat rash that is why you need to make sure you put the diaper not too tightly and keep those areas always cool and dry. When your baby drool a lot, it is possible for heat rash to occur because the sweat glands on cheeks skin areas are blocked. You can wash off the skin areas from the drool with mild soap and plain water and then pat it dry or let it air-dried. Let baby without diaper for about few minutes as much as possible until the rash is gone.Babies And Heat RAsh, Opt For Mild Soaps

Babies and heat rash are not fun for both mommy and baby. That is why avoid to overdressing baby or wearing polyester and nylon fabric especially when the weather is hot and humid. Avoid applying on any ointments or heavy cream towards baby’s skin. Avoid staying in the heat or humidity.Babies And Heat RAsh, Do Not Apply Heavy Creams

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