Babies Rash That Caused By Tick Bites

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There are babies rash that caused by animal and one of it is tick bites that may cause lyme disease. Ticks are parasitic insects similar to spider which are small and round with brown legs and body. Ticks will suck victim’s blood and rest its body on the victim’s skin but the head burrowed under. Although not all ticks carry disease, but your baby might develop lyme disease caused by ticks bite.Babies Rash That Caused By Tick Bites, found on Trunks

Babies rash that caused by tick bites may not painful, but may cause irritation and itchy at the bite wound with the tick still rests over there. You may identify lyme disease as ring-shaped rash appears at the bite wound with four to six inches in diameter. The rash will soon develop into hot and itchy rash several days after the tick bites or few weeks after. The rash is occasionally spread over to other area. The rash will soon disappear within three weeks.Babies Rash That Caused By Tick Bites, Insects That resemblesSpider

This kind of babies rash may cause flulike symptoms including fever, headache, pains in joints and muscles, and lethargy. The rash caused by lyme disease may be develop or not depends on the case. The lyme disease may cause another problem such as Bell’s palsy. Bell’s palsy is initiated as there is paralysis on one side of face because there is problem on facial nerve. You can notice when your baby has Bell’s palsy as baby is not able to wrinkle the brow, unable to shut eye, when baby is smiling the smile is crooked. When baby has this kind of disease, it is often treated with antibiotics and although this kind of disease looked awful but most of victims make a full recovery. You need to remove the ticks as they will cause further problems. Try to remove the ticks within the first 24 hours and you need to call doctor immediately once you fail to remove the ticks in the first 24 hours.Babies Rash That Caused By Tick Bites

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