Baby Armpit Rash And Its Possibilities

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Baby armpit rash might be found on the early years of baby life. Most of babies has rash once in her/his early years of life. The cause of the rash are varied but most rash will go away by its own in a few days or weeks. However, as a parent who concerns about baby’s health you might want to know what the cause of rash on your baby’s armpit and how to prevent it.

Baby Armpit Rash Caused By Hot And Humid Environment

When you find baby armpit rash, you can conclude it as one of these possibilities rashes commonly found on babies. The first possibility is your baby has a heat rash or prickly heat. Heat rash will occur when your baby is overheated. The heat exposure is due to hot and humid weather or overdressing. The red or white, clear rash and sometimes prickly seen on baby’s face, neck, arms, chest and folds of the skin including armpit. The heat rash goes away on its own in a few days.

Baby Armpit Rash Caused By Miliria

The other possibilities your baby has Miliria or sweat rash. When your baby sweats a lot and the sweat glands are blocked there will be small red bumps or pimple or even blister on the skin. Just the same as the heat rash, Miliria occurs as a consequence of hot and humid environment or dressed in too many clothes or snugly clothing. This rash will soon go away although without special treatment.

Baby Armpit Rash Caused By Scabies

You might find baby armpit rash due to scabies. Scabies affects people of all ages including babies. When a member of a family has scabies, it soon spreads between other family members. If your baby has scabies, it is likely one of the family members had it in other day. The tiny mites live in the skin is the culprit of scabies that often found on the body, soles of the feet, genital area and armpit and they will make tiny and super itchy spots on it. Kill the scabies using cream and give to all family members at the same time.

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