Baby Boy Diaper Rash Problem

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Baby boy diaper rash problem might cause worrisome to any new parents. Diaper rash on baby is easy to diagnose, the rash is obviously found on the affected skin underneath the baby boy’s diaper. For baby boy, the rash occurs all over baby boy genital area including baby boy private part and scrotum, baby buttocks, and in skin creases.Baby Boy Diaper Rash Attack Beyond Diaper Area Too

Baby boy diaper rash is often identified as red, puffy, bumps and tender. The rash can be mild, moderate or severe. For severe diaper rash, you can see tender, red bumps found beyond baby diaper’s area. The rash may found on tummy and thighs too. Baby boy who develop diaper rash may cause scaly areas that found baby boy scrotum and private part. The other characterization of diaper rash you might find on baby boy is red pimples, big bumps, and sores filled with pus.Baby Boy Diaper Rash Attack On Baby BOy GEnital Area

Baby boy diaper rash problem may occur due to several causes. Most of diaper rashes found on baby caused by skin irritation, baby is left on for too long with wet diaper and the diaper chafes. The other common causes are baby boy is sensitive to certain diaper product or baby wipes. Harsh chemicals that found on baby cosmetic such as soaps, fragrances and lotion might cause the rash occur too. When baby is in contact with fabric that laundered with harsh detergent and or fabric softener, baby is susceptible to develop diaper rash.

Diaper rash treatment is often straightforward. To treat diaper rash means to prevent the rash occur or getting worse. Normally, the rash will resolve on its own within days. However, when the skin is repeatedly in contact with the irritant, the rash may persistent. You need to always make sure the diaper area stays clean, cool and dry. That means, a lot of diaper changes. Once baby pees or poop, immediately change the diaper. Allowing the affected skin to breathe naturally is also effective to get rid of the rash.

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