Baby Butt Rash Care

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Baby butt rash is one of the most common rashes found on babies. The causes of butt rash on baby are varied, however to prevent the rash to come might not a troublesome. The most important thing to remember is always keep the butt dry and clean.Baby Butt Rash Care, Keep The Butt Dry

Keep butt area always clean is the first simplest step of treating baby butt rash. That means frequently changes the diaper as soon as diaper is wet or soiled. When cleaning the diaper area, make sure cleaning baby’s butt and the area surround it meticulously. To clean the butt area, use a soft washcloth that has been soaked in lukewarm water. If the rash looks intense red and irritated, you might consider the other way not to make it more irritated. You can use cleanser which is gentle enough for irritated skin. Avoid using alcohol contained wipe as it can cause the rash worse.Baby Butt Rash Care

Baby butt rash care step two always keep the butt area dry. Before applying new fresh diaper, make sure the butt area is completely dry. Air drying the butt and let baby with no diaper for a while will be much better. If you use soft towel to dry the butt, make sure gently dab dry the butt not rub it over to avoid the rash worse.

In addition to previous step, you can apply the butt with zinc oxide based cream before applying the new fresh diaper. The cream will act as a barrier between the diaper and baby butt so it can minimize any friction.Baby Butt Rash Care, Apllying Zinc Oxide Cream

When the rash is accompanied with other symptoms such as fever, spreading to other part of body, the rash get worse, the rash followed by diarrhea, any pus-filled pimples, open sores, bleeding or your baby cry in pain when you touch the rash, you need to call your baby pediatrician.

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