Baby Chest Rash And Its Possibility

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Baby chest rash is one situation that occasionally seen during childhood. Baby prone to get illness and irritants since the immune system has not yet fully developed. As parents, you might expect to see at least one rash during the first year of your baby’s life. Recognizing the types of rashes on chest will help you to give the best treatment for your baby.

Here are several examples of baby chest rash that occasionally occurs on babies.

Baby RAsh On Chest Due To Hives

The first rash is hives; it appears as a red raised skin or skin-colored raised rash that can be small or large. The hives might appear in sudden and may rapidly spread. Baby’s chest, tummy and back are the most common spots of the rash, but it might appear as well on the face. You may assure that your baby has a hives from its distinct characteristic. The symptoms of red raised skin may come and go as long as a few hours or 10 to 15 minutes long. Once you see the red raised skin on the chest, a few minutes later the rash is gone but you find it new ones on the tummy. This red-raised skin occurs in large, round or irregular shape and becomes itchy some of the time. Hives occur as an allergic reaction too, a reaction to various things such as food, medications, external agent of irritants such as chemicals products on soap and detergent, or clothing material.Baby RAsh On Chest Due To Molluscum Warts

The second possibility of baby chest rash is due to molluscum warts. The molluscum warts is one type of warts that commonly found on the chest and or upper thighs and has a difference appearance. The rash occur as a skin-colored bumps, can be large or small in size. It usually varies from a tip of a pen to a half size of an eraser at the end of a pencil. The rash has a smooth outer layer, dimple in the center sometimes and appears in a group.

Baby RAsh On Chest Due To Heat Rash

Heat rash might be one of the most common rashes found on babies and it can strike chest of the baby too. The rash appears as small, red pimples, bumps, or spot and mostly found in hot, humid weather. During the winter time, baby can also have heat rash due to overdressing. Try to cool the affected skin or airing out the area of the rash to help to heal the rash.

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