Baby Cream For Rashes Treatment

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Baby cream for rashes that commonly found on baby are helpful enough to help parents get rid of rashes or at least soothe the symptoms. What creams that suitable for your baby is depend on what rash does she have. Baby tends to develop rash down below on the diaper area or called diaper rash. Baby also tends to get heat rash that occasionally occurs on the parts of body where the clothes are under, folds of skin and face. Other rashes that commonly found on baby are including drool rash and also rash due to infections.

Baby cream for rashes down below, parents have several of options of product you might find on the store. The creams are usually contains of zinc oxide as the active ingredients. Zinc oxide will be beneficial to prevent and reduce diaper rash. The other ingredient that a diaper rash cream might have is lanolin. Lanolin is oily substances made of sheep wool. The lanolin based cream will battle stubborn rash, soothes the dry and itchy skin. The rash caused by diaper is sometime stubborn and hard to be dealt with and a pediatrician usually prescribes hydrocortisone 1% cream as the treatment.Aloe Vera As Baby Cream For Rashes Treatment

Sometimes the diaper rash is caused by fungal infection or yeast infection and the rash cannot be treated with diaper rash cream. You need an over-the-counter antifungal cream to treat the infection and such creams may contain clotrimazole and nystatin.Lanolin Baby Cream For Rashes Treatment

Baby cream for rashes that causes itchy caused by heat rash or prickly heat, you may choose Antihistamine and hydrocortisone cream. The other option is calamine lotion to ease the irritation. Aloe vera gel is also effective to treat heat rash and soothe the itchiness. Use salicylic acid pads on the affected skin to unclog the blocked pores.Zinc Oxide Based Baby Cream For Rashes Treatment

For baby that has problem with drool rash, you can apply barrier creams that will act as a shield to skin from direct exposure to the drool. The creams are available in several commercial products.

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