Baby Diaper Rash Prevention And Remedies

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Baby diaper rash is obviously troublesome for parents. Diaper rash comes and go if baby still wears diaper. However, there are ways to prevent the diaper rash to come as the best way to treat the diaper rash. The most common prevention to prevent the rash to occur is changing the diaper frequently. Today’s diaper is provided with super absorbent material that able to wick away any excessive moisture from the skin. However, you cannot guarantee that there will be no contact between skin under diaper area and urine or feces, so changing diaper frequently is considered the best prevention.Diaper TApe Can Aggravate Baby Diaper Rash

Another step to prevent baby diaper rash to occur is keeping baby diaper area clean and dry. Make sure before applying new diaper, baby’s diaper area is thoroughly clean and dry and you need pay attention to the diaper’s tape, the tape should not adhering to skin as it will irritate and lead to breakdown to the skin. Make sure you wash your hand before and after changing diaper to prevent any infections. Overall, let your baby’s diaper area to get more opportunity having a fresh air exposure, you can try to air out the diaper area as often as possible.Prevent Baby Diaper Rash By Washing your Hands before And After Changing Diapers

When baby diaper rash occurs then it is time to perform diaper rash home remedies. By performing the home remedies, you may improve or keep the duration of diaper rash shorten. First thing first, change diaper more often than usual. Avoid using harsh soap, time for herbal mild soap to wash the dirt without scrubbing the affected area or it will cause skin irritation to the affected skin. After cleansing, let the diaper area air dries or pat dry it. You can leave baby without diaper for few hours if it is possible. It is better not using plastic pants for the time being. If you use diaper cloth, avoid harsh detergent when wash the diaper clothes. If the rash retains, you may need topical, over-the-counter anti fungal creams as suggested by baby pediatrician. The rash may due to yeast or candida infection.

 Avoid Using Plastic PAnts To Prevent Baby Diaper Rash

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