Baby Diaper Rash Treatment You Must Know to Prevent Invection

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Most new parents get panic when getting diaper rash attack on their baby’s skin. Even some of them give the wrong baby diaper rash treatment that worsens the symptoms. In fact, they still haven’t learned about the main causes why diaper rash occurs. So, don’t be panic and see the following strategies to get through it.

Effective Ways To Treat Yeast Diaper Rash In Babies

Get Yourself Familiar with the Causes

Diaper rashes occur in moist and warm place. The signs mostly in the form of red splotches on the bottom and also red scales in the genitals. There are some reasons why this happens;

  1. You leave the wet-dirty diaper for too long so it stays with urines and stools
  2. You change the baby’s diet or he/she starts eating solid foods
  3. Sensitive skin
  4. You put on the diaper too tight
  5. The effect of antibiotic that leads your baby to have diarrhea
  6. As a response to what you have eaten through breastfed
  7. Having allergic to diaper

Baby Diaper Rash Treatments and Guides

Basically treating the diaper rash can be done at home. Of course with the right treatment. If you see the early symptoms of it, try to do the following tips:

Always Keep the Skin Dry and Clean

The only way you should do is changing the diaper frequently. Every time you see the diaper is wet or dirty change the diaper as soon as possible. It is suggested to change the diaper every 3 hours. Also changes the diaper frequently at the night since the baby often poops or urinate at the night. Besides, the superabsorbent diaper is much better.

Wash the Diaper Well

The best baby diaper rash treatment keeps everything clean to prevent bacteria build up. Gently wash the diaper area using warm water and use an only soft cloth to clean the dirty part. After that, rinse and dry completely.

One thing to note is never using the soap that contains alcohol and fragrance. Use the mild soap only to avoid a skin from irritation. Avoid also the baby wipes that contain those ingredients. You can also use the blow-dryer with the warm set to dry your baby skin.

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Protect the Healthy Skin

Make sure to protect your baby healthy skin near the rash with A&D Ointment, zinc oxide, Desitin or Diane. Note that you will not apply the cream to the broken skin.

Avoid Plastic Pants

Until the rash is gone, never use the plastic pants. It is done to avoid moisture.

When to See the Doctor?

If the baby diaper rash treatments above doesn’t respond in 2-3 days you need to see a doctor. Also, the following symptoms need a big concern and you need to see the doctor soon.

If your baby has fever

When you see fluid-filled bumps with yellow or honey colored. This could be a bacterial infection.

If you notice yeast infection for example red rash with lesions and scales, pimples outside the diaper area and redness on the baby’s skin especially the folds.

In conclusion, considering the baby diaper rash treatment correctly is a must to avoid serious infections. Call your pediatric as you see worse symptoms after doing the baby diaper rash treatment we have suggested.

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