Baby Face Rash Cream Selection

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Baby face rash cream is often opted for treating rash on baby face. Facial rash on baby is commonly found in babies. The trigger of facial rash is often due to frequently exposures to viruses, illnesses or irritants. Eczema, allergic reaction, cold weather and teething are the common causes of skin rash that affected baby face.LAnolin Cream Baby FAce RAsh CReam

For facial rash due to teething you might notice a red, raised that occurs around lips, chin, mouth, neck or chest of a baby. Teething facial rash is often caused by excess saliva during the teething process which is normal. When the saliva dries it might chaps and causes irritation on the affected skin. To avoid the rash getting worse, it is recommended using lanolin ointment as baby face rash cream applied on the irritated area of the skin. Lanolin cream is made from the sheep’s wool wax and is occasionally used to nourish and help heal the dried skin. The cream will also act as a barrier between baby’s skin and drool.Baby Face Rash Cream Selection

Facial rash due to eczema is often identified as a red patches or bumps that can be extremely itchy; you might found dryness on the affected area too. To prevent the rash getting worse you need to apply a treatment of the symptoms such as putting gloves or mittens on the baby to prevent baby scratching the itchy affected skin. The other treatment is applying a thin layer of hydrocortisone cream as baby face rash cream two times a day. Keep applying the cream up to two weeks or as your baby pediatrician suggest it. Over-the-counter-medicine might be used as pediatrician approval.Calamine Lotion Baby FAce RAsh CReam

The next rash on baby face is due to cold weather. Rash caused by cold weather is occasionally caused by drools, baby licking lips or a runny nose as baby exposed to cold and windy air repeatedly. You can apply a thin layer of calamine lotion or hydrocortisone cream to soothe itchiness and redness on the face.

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