Baby Facial Rash On Older Baby

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As baby is getting older, baby facial rash might still occur. The rash may occur for wider different reasons. Older baby may develop facial rash due to allergic reaction towards certain foods or medication, severe medical condition, or mild illness. Further examination and treatment are needed to help to heal the facial rash.

As baby starts solid food, baby is higher risk to develop baby facial rash. Some of babies are sensitive towards particular of foods. Foods that occasionally cause allergic reactions are egg, nut, wheat, rye, acid foods, milk and many more. The rash may occur right after or some times after baby consumes the allergen. The rash due to food allergy is occasionally spotted on cheeks, chin, chest and other part of body. The allergic reaction towards foods may appear as hives, a red itchy rash that look like welts. You need doctor treatment to heal the rash.

Scarlet fever is one of the causes of baby facial rash on older baby. The rash found on baby’s cheeks as if the cheeks were slapped, that is why the rash is also known as slapped cheek rash. The rash is identified as pinkish or reddish and occasionally accompanies fever and strep throat.Baby Facial Rash On Older Baby, roseola

Roseola is the next cause of rash occurs on baby face and other parts of body. Viral infection is the cause of roseola and the rash occurs after baby has a high fever. When baby develops fever, the illness is contagious but once the fever disappears and rash occurs, the illness is no longer contagious.

Psoriasis might also cause the rash on baby face. You might need to ask doctor to identify meticulously the rash due to psoriasis since the rash may look similar to one to five different rashes. For a correct diagnosis, you might need a help from pediatric dermatologist.Baby Facial Rash On Older Baby, Slapped Cheeks

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