Baby With Fever And Rash: What Are The Possibilities?

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Baby with fever and rash may indicate something serious happened to baby’s body. Recognizing and identifying the rash and the associated symptoms of the rash will help you to do the best effort to heal it.

Here are some of possibilities of baby with fever and rash:

Baby With FEver And Rash due to HAnd Mouth And Foot Disease

The first possibility is baby has hand foot and mouth disease. The disease causes sores on baby’s hand, mouth and on the feet. The disease also causes fever ranging from 101 Fahrenheit or around 38-39 Celsius. The fever is joined with blister and or sores, they appears after one or two days and found on the feet, mouth, hands and buttocks. The blister is preceded by rash and it can break open and crust over sometimes.

Baby With FEver And Rash Due To Slapped Cheek Syndrome

Next possibility is baby has fifth disease or a slapped cheek. The disease causes face turns into bright red rash, so they call it slapped cheek disease. The rash is also found on trunk, arms and legs. The disease is caused by human parvovirus and makes baby get mild-cold symptoms once before the rash occur.

Kawasaki disease is one possibility of baby with fever and rash symptoms. This disease is very rare and mysterious. Children under age 5 are at risk to get this kind of disease. The symptoms are high fever, patchy rash with swelling and redness found on the hands and feet, bloodshot eyes and also chapped, red lips. You need to see doctor if you found your baby has these symptoms as the disease will damage the heart if there is no treatment.

Baby With FEver And Rash Due To Measles

Measles is also one of the possibilities of rash accompanied with fever.  If your baby has measles, your baby will have fever, runny nose and cough. Once the previous symptoms are going away, the rashes all over the body appear. Some children will be fine in two weeks, some other develop pneumonia or other difficulties.

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