Baby Forehead Rash Possibilities

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There are several possibilities for baby forehead rash that commonly found on babies. Baby has rash at least once during the first year of his/her life. The rash is the sign when the sensitive delicate skin of baby tries to adapt to a new environment. Most of rash occurs on baby’s face including forehead is harmless and will soon go away on its own. However, when you find the rash get worse, your baby shows behavioral changes, or any fever or seems unwell you need to contact your pediatrician as soon as possible.

Baby Forehead Rash Due To Cradle Cap

The first possibilities of baby forehead rash is baby has a Milia. Baby especially newborn will develop small white spots on their face when their small pores are blocked. You may see Milia spots on the forehead and will soon go away in about four first weeks of baby’s life.

Milia on baby's forehead

Second possibilities are erythema toxicum. The sign of this rash is red and blotchy on the affected skin. The baby usually develops this kind of rash at two or three days old and will soon go away on its own. When you find your baby’s face develop pimples or acne especially on the cheeks, nose and forehead you should not be worried. This kind of acne appears within a month of baby’s birth and tends to get worse before it completely goes away. The acne occurs as mother passes hormones before the baby is born, so you should not treat it like teen’s or adult’s acne.

Baby Forehead Rash Due To Erythema Toxicum

Cradle cap is the next possibility of baby forehead rash. This rash looks yellowish, greasy, scale and has patches on the affected scalp. The rash is occasionally found on baby’s face, ears and neck too. Baby tends to develop this kind of rash on the first two or three months of their life. Although greasy and has scale the rash does not make itchy sensation and will soon get better although without treatment within weeks or months.

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