Baby Girl Diaper Rash Types

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Baby girl diaper rash problem is commonly occurs in the first year of baby’s life. Baby has not yet develop its immune system completely, that is why baby’s delicate and sensitive skin is susceptible to get rash. There are various kinds of diaper rash that baby girl can have, and the rash will significantly increase as baby starts solid food.

Baby girl diaper Rash Caused By Yeast Infection

The first common type of baby girl diaper rash is a contact rash. Most of baby girls experienced this type of rash in her first year of life. The rash may caused by leaving baby with wet and dirty diaper for too long. Contact rash is also popular with the name friction rash. The name is due to the diaper rubbing result on the buttocks and genital area. The rash looks red, puffy and almost flat.

The Most Common Baby Girl Diaper Rash Is Contact Rash

The second type is yeast rash. This is rash is obviously caused by yeast infection. Yeast rash found on baby’s buttocks, genital area and sometime folds of thighs looks red, bumpy and sometimes joined with blister. This rash can be extremely painful for baby even when you just touch the rash. There are several factors why baby has a yeast infection, they are such as the untreated diaper rash, diarrhea, baby is recently got a mouth thrush or baby has been on antibiotics that put her at the higher risk.

Baby Girl Diaper Rash Might Caused By Irritant Rash

Irritant rash is the next type of baby girl diaper rash. You may not find the rash on baby’s bottom creases or folds like the diaper rash or yeast infection. The cause of this rash is varied, however it is often due to the usage of laundry detergent, baby soap and wipes. When those agents of irritant exposed to baby’s skin especially baby’s bottom, there will be a large scale of rash found covering the affected area. You may need to find the main source of the problem and try to eliminate the usage.

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