Baby Has Bad Diaper Rash With Blister

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When you find baby has bad diaper rash with blister it is obviously an alarming for you. Diaper rash is a skin condition affected the diaper area that commonly found on baby as long as baby wears diaper. Diaper rash is often characterized as red, bumpy sores that usually spotted on the genitals and highly related to moist diapers from baby’s urine or the diaper’s material. Blister on diaper rash is a sign that diaper rash is getting severe as the skin might be infected. Blister also a sign that baby’s skin irritation comes from another causes and no longer from a wet diaper.Baby Has Bad Diaper Rash With Blister Around Genital Area

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Baby Has Bad Diaper Rash With Blister On Bum

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Baby Has Bad Diaper Rash With Blister, Red Bumpy Sore

How to treat the rash when baby has bad diaper rash with blister may a little bit different from the usual diaper rash treatment. As the diaper change time begins you may need to carefully perform the below steps:

First step when treating baby has bad diaper rash with blister, you need to put a hygiene standard level higher than before. Cleanse baby as gentle as possible to avoid the irritation gets severe. Pat down baby’s genital area with a clean soft cloth or towel that has been laundered with mild detergent. You may apply an over-the counter ointment to help heal the rash. Apply the ointment containing zinc oxide by gently rubbing it over the genital area although the area has no rash. You can prevent the rash spreading to the genital area by applying the ointment. For open area, your baby doctor may prescribe you antibiotic ointment or cream.

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Exposure to fresh air help to heal the severe diaper rash too, allow baby go without diaper for sometimes or let baby on an open diaper when she takes a nap. Fresh air will circulate freely on the genital area and will keep baby’s skin dry. When you put diaper on baby, make sure the size is one size bigger than the usual size baby has so there will more air flow to genital area.

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