Baby Has Rash On Face Due To Salmon Patch

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When parents find baby has rash on face, it is often a worrisome for them. New parents always consider that their baby’s face should be smooth and stainless; however baby tends to develop rashes on face due to several skin conditions. One of the most common skin condition baby has is birthmark. Birthmarks that seen in a group may due to salmon patch, a skin condition that caused by dilation or expansions that occur in capillaries or tiny blood vessels.Baby Has Rash On Face Due To Salmon Patch On Eyelids

Salmon patch is occasionally seen on baby’s face called angel’s kiss and back of the neck that often called a stork bite. Almost 70 percent of babies or at least 7 in 10 babies are born with one or more salmon patches and such condition is very common. Although the rash might occur as unsightly blemishes on baby’s smooth skin, parents should not be worry because when your baby has rash on face due to salmon patch, the rash will eventually clear up as baby reaches 1-2 of age. The chances of the salmon patch runs in families is still unknown, but at this time it is known that salmon patch does not associated with genetic tendency.Baby Has Rash On Face Due To Salmon Patch On Newborn

The rash due to salmon patch is non-life threatening skin condition and does not associated with herpes although the rash may grow larger or darker. The rash caused by salmon patch is similar with other skin condition such as port-wine stains, a further diagnosis and examination by professional should be performed. In general salmon patch is often diagnosed as flat, pink or red patches which come in irregular shapes that appear on baby’s face and back of the neck. The common spot of baby has rash on face due to salmon patch is between the eyebrows or on one of the eyelids. The salmon patch rash does not give any itchy or pain sensation and thus requires no treatment. However, when the rash bleed, cracking or develop any worrisome problems, you should call the doctor.Baby Has Rash On Face Due To Salmon Patch, On Forehead

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