Baby Has Rash On Neck, What Are The Remedies?

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It is quite common if baby has rash on neck or any other part of body. Rash on baby’s neck may occur as there is skin allergy, skin irritation, due to disease or certain medical condition. The rash on baby’s neck bay gives itchy sensation and cause the neck inflamed. Since the cause of the neck rash on baby may due to varieties of different things, a standard hygiene should be established. As example you may stop using harsh detergent, soaps or lotions to your baby’s skin especially neck, stop giving food that baby may sensitive to, dress baby in a loose, cotton clothes, and so on.

The other remedies you might want to try if your baby has rash on neck are such asBaby Has Rash On Neck Treated With Sponge BAth

Take baby to have cold water baths. The rash on neck is occasionally gives baby hard time with the itchiness, you can take baby having cold water bath to relieve the symptoms, calm the irritated skin and to soothe the rash. To apply cold water bath, you can use a cool water sponge bath. Apply it on baby’s affected area or if baby is a little bit older you can soak in the tub until the neck area is dipped. Do not let baby unattended while bathing.Cold Baths For Baby Has Rash On Neck

Having baking soda compress is also good when your baby has rash on neck. Just like the cold water baths, the baking soda compress is beneficial to soothe itchy rash. To benefit from baking soda, you can soak a soft washcloth that has been laundered with mild detergent in one cup of cool water and added with a teaspoon of baking soda. Wring out the washcloth and apply it directly to the affected area on the neck to help relieve the itchy skin. You can apply it as much as needed until baby is calmer.Apply Baking Soda Compress For Baby Has Rash On Neck

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