What Is Baby Heat Rash: An Introduction

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Are you a newly mom and having hard time with baby heat rash? Having a newborn is a joyful experience for most parents. Parents will surely do all the best for their loved one and there will be no room allowed for anything that cause baby uncomfortable like heat rash. Unfortunately, babies are easily getting uncomfortable in their early age due to hot or humid weather, too tight clothing, etc.

Baby Heat Rash On Scalp

What is baby heat rash? If you are not familiar to heat rash, you might know miliaria or prickly heat. Heat rash is one of the common uncomfortable things that babies might experience. The heat rash is easily detected on the baby’s skin. The upper layer of baby’s skin is suddenly getting a rash with bright red in color and might accompanied with pimple like shape. Spot area where the rash is commonly found such as the neck, under the arms, and nappy or underwear edges area.

Baby Heat Rash At The Edges Of Underwear Areas

When the weather is humid or extremely overheats, baby heat rash or prickly heat emerges on the above-mentioned areas. In most cases, heat rash will emerge on those areas where there is fold of baby’s skin such as neck, armpit or under the legs. Folds of baby’s skin might not the only specific areas of heat rash but it also easily emerges on the skin areas where the well-fitted clothing or diaper is under or any areas where the skin get not enough fresh air. When skin get not enough air due to too tight clothing or snugly diaper, the rash will easily appear due to the rising heat. You may find the rash appears on the forehead or the scalp too. This rash appears on the area of the head is caused by hats or anything that covers baby’s head. The clothing, diaper, or hats cause the baby’s skin under them warmer than usual. Babies are unable to control their own body temperature, which is why when the heat under clothing, diaper or hats higher than usual the rash appears.

Baby Heat Rash Under The Arm

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