Baby Heat Rash Treatment In An Instant

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Baby heat rash treatment is available in many ways. One key point to prevent the rash to occur is keeping the skin cool and clean. However, baby cannot control their own body temperature and rash occurs at any point. In addition baby sweats a lot as baby’s skin pores are smaller than adults have, when the environment warmer than usual baby tends to sweat. If there is excessive sweat produced, the sweat can clog the sweat ducts and cause the heat rash occurs.

You can perform baby heat rash treatment below to treat the heat rash your baby might have:

Make a cold compress by dipping soft washcloth in cool water, squeeze out the excess. Apply the cold compress on the affected skin, apply it as often as needed and apply it several times in a day. To maintain the cold level, refresh the washcloth frequently.

Keep the affected skin cooler and drier, you can take your baby near a fan and direct the fan on the affected skin. This method will helpful to soothe itchy and painful heat rash too.

The other instant baby heat rash treatment is applying lotion as baby pediatrician prescribed. The usual lotion that helps to heal heat rash is calamine lotion. Some other might recommend hydrocortisone cream to treat the heat rash. However, some doctor may suggest other treatment after diagnosing the rash.Baby Heat Rash Treatment In An Instant, Hydrocortisone Cream

As you treat the rash, you need to perform prevention too. You may start with dressing your baby in lightweight cotton clothing and dress your baby loosely. Your baby might have rash though in a winter time due to heavy clothing. Avoid overdressing and put baby in a warmer place. During hot and humid weather, keep turn on the air-conditioner or fan to keep air enough circulating. Having a frequent bath during hot and humid weather will also help you to keep baby’s skin cool during hot and humid weather.Baby Heat Rash Treatment, Bathe Frequently

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