Baby Itchy Rash On Butt

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Baby itchy rash is might be a sign of numerous of skin condition. Rash is commonly found on baby especially during the first year of baby’s life. Baby immature immune system also add the risk baby develop rash. The most common rash that found on baby is rash on baby butt. Rash on baby butt may cause itchiness and but most of the rashes found on baby butt does not give itch sensation. However, itchy rash on baby bottom is consider benign and will resolve within days.Baby Itchy Rash On Baby Butt Looked Awfull

Baby itchy rash on butt may consider as unsightly blemish, this skin condition is often associated with diaper rash. Diaper rash is a skin condition which is common found on babies. Baby will likely develop rash on the diaper area since there is too much moisture in the diaper or baby is sensitive to the diaper itself. When a baby has sensitive skin, despite red, blister and bumps rash occurs baby also experience itchiness. Natural way to get rid of diaper rash is leaving baby go without diaper at least for 5 to 10 minutes every diaper change time. For addition you can apply a zinc oxide cream that acts as barrier that protects skin from diaper.Baby Itchy Rash On Butt

Second common cause of baby itchy rash on butt is yeast infection. Naturally, human have yeast in the body that live in safe amount of number. However, warm and moist places make it possible for yeast to breed and multiply, create the skin itchy and cause problematic rash occurs. Both baby and baby girl can have this kind of yeast infections on the butt. The rash may not go easily with common care for treating the diaper rash, the yeast infections rash need medical treatment such as antifungal or over-the-counter creams. The natural way to help heal the rash is applying thin layer aloe at each of diaper changes or having oatmeal bathe. If the rash is persistent with the medical treatment you need to consult with doctor.Baby Itchy Rash On Butt Treated With Zinc Oxide Cream

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