Baby Milk Allergy Rash, What To Do?

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Baby has baby milk allergy rash might be related to food allergy. The condition occurs body immune system overreacts to what most people refer as harmless proteins in milk and consider it as something that should be fight off. The body as result releases histamine that cause symptoms such as swelling, itching, hives, rash, vomiting and wheezing. Baby that has severe eczema may at greater risk to develop food allergy like cow’s milk. Babies who take on formula also at greater risk compared to breastfeed baby unless the nursing mother consumed the cow’s milk too.Baby Milk Allergy Rash, What To Do

Baby milk allergy rash might be identified as a red itchy rash that found on baby’s mouth, cheeks, and chin. The other typical symptoms are facial swelling, and red itchy lumps or hives on the body. Although it is rare but baby might develop more severe reactions such as difficulties in breathing and or the baby goes floppy. You need to take the baby immediately to doctor if you find such a symptom.Cow's Baby Milk Allergy Rash, What To Do

Other than baby milk allergy rash, baby who has allergic reaction towards milk may develop other symptoms which comes on more slowly and more difficult to be recognize. The condition is known as delayed reactions. The condition may cause more severe symptoms including eczema reflux, poor growth, colic, diarrhea or constipation. You might find baby who shows other symptom such as unwilling to eat or drink. You need to consult with doctor if you find the symptoms for further examination.Baby Milk Allergy Rash, May Appear as Eczema

If you suspect your baby that might have milk allergy you may need to identify the symptoms that appear immediately after baby consumed the allergen or delayed one. The delayed allergy may occur on a breastfeed baby who is very sensitive, the baby reacts to trace of cow’s milk protein in breast milk or baby is introduced in a particular formula or weaning food.

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