Does Baby Powder Help Diaper Rash?

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Does baby powder help diaper rash? A new mom might have millions of questions including the previous question. Diaper rash is one of the most common rash that almost baby will experience it. As new parent, they tend to ask about baby powder and baby rash cream and it is the most frequently asked question due to diaper rash treatment.Does Baby Powder Help Diaper Rash truly

Before you ask about does baby powder help diaper rash, you need to know about baby powder first. No wonder that baby powder smells good but do you really need baby powder. Most pediatricians and American Academy of Pediatrics discourage and recommend for parents not to use baby powder to their baby. Why the usage of baby powder is not recommended? It is due to the talc in the baby powder. The talc can cause breathing difficulties and damage the lungs. The small particles on the talc-based powder are easily to be inhaled and it can be very harmful.

Cornstarch on the other hand contains larger particles, is not easily to be inhaled by baby.  However, when you opt for cornstarch as diaper rash remedies, you need to be sure that the rash is not caused by yeast infection. Cornstarch can make the diaper rash caused by yeast infections even worsen. The yeast infection creating the diaper rash look awful and need to be treated with anti-fungal cream not cornstarch based powder. So does baby powder help diaper rash caused by yeast infection? Of course the answer is does not.Does BAby Powder Help Baby Diaper Rash, Use cornstarch

However, when you still select baby powder to help diaper rash, you may select powder that at least safer. Select baby powder that contains cornstarch instead of talc. You need to put extra care when applying the powder, take a few steps from your baby and put the powder into your hand and shake it. In this way you have minimize baby to inhale the powder. You can apply the powder very gently on the affected skin.Does Baby Powder Help Diaper RAsh On Baby

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