Baby Has A Rash Along With Other Discomfort

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When a baby has a rash, it may a result of various conditions and factors. The rash baby has may appear as raised, red, blotchy, itchy, patches, dots and many more. Occasionally the rash occurs on baby is harmless and if need a treatment, the treatment is usually a simple one. When you find your baby has rash that accompanied with other symptoms such as fever, cough, runny nose, or any life threatening symptoms you need to call doctor immediately.Baby Has A Rash With Itchy May Refers To HEat Rash

Baby has a rash with itchiness is commonly refer to heat rash or also known as prickly heat or miliaria rubra. Although the rash may occur in a hot, humid weather but in wintertime, your baby can have the heat rash because of the overdressing. Baby is likely to have the heat rash as early as baby reach one week to three weeks of age. This rash may not cause baby to have fever but may cause a discomfort to your baby.Baby Has Rash With Other symptoms May Caused By Viral Illness

When a baby has a rash along with itchy, raised red dots may caused by viral illness such as measles and chicken pox. Rash due to measles may appear as flat spots that turn into raised red dots and itchy. A tiny white spots may appear around baby’s mouth one or two previous day before the rash breaks. Meanwhile, chicken pox may appear as a rash that turns out into blister and much itchier compared to measles. Rash due to viral illness cause baby develops fever before the spots breaks. These examples of rash need a further professional medication and can be prevented with vaccination.Baby Has Rash With Red Patches May Due To Allergic Reaction

When a baby develop rash with itchiness, it may due to an allergic reaction. Some of the common allergen experienced by baby is foods, medication and chemicals. A baby who takes antibiotics or other medications, may develop skin rash along with itchiness. Other symptoms that refer to allergies are wheezing, breathing difficulties, hives or baby face swollen, you need to go to doctor immediately if your baby has the previous symptoms.

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