Baby Has Rash Around Mouth, What Is It?

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Baby has rash around mouth may caused by several reasons. However, rash around mouth that commonly found in young children is oral thrush. Other causes of rash found on baby’s mouth are impetigo, cold sores, drool rash, strep throat or hand, hand foot and mouth disease and chickenpox.

Baby Has Rash Around Mouth Caused By  Impetigo

Oral thrush as one of the causes of baby has rash around mouth is might happened as there is an abundant number of the yeast Candida albicans. Normally, the yeast Candida albicans grows in our mouths and digestive system. However, the growth of the yeast checked by beneficial bacteria and healthy immune system. This rash might found on babies less than 6 months old too since baby has not yet developed the immune system completely. In some cases, oral thrush might be caused during and after taking antibiotics. A mother who breastfeed her baby and taking antibiotics recently will passes the antibiotics through the breast milk, so the baby is susceptible to have oral thrush too. Baby that have been treated with steroid due to asthma or lung disease is likely to have oral thrush too.

Baby Has Rash Around Mouth Due To Oral Thrush

When baby has rash around mouth due to oral thrush, baby experience cracked skin at the edges of the mouth. The skin will changed in color and there will be thick, white patches resembling cottage cheese spotted on the lips, tongue, and inside the cheeks. The white patches cannot be cleaned and may multiply in size and quantity. Some babies will be fine with oral thrush but some will feel sore and have difficulty eating.

Baby Has RAsh Around Mouth And Its Treatment

Oral thrush may resolves on its own in several weeks but when you find any discomfort or any behavioral changes like unwilling to eat or drink you need to see pediatrician. Occasionally, pediatrician will prescribe an anti fungal solution to soothe the discomfort and reduce white patches inside the mouth. Add yogurt with lactobacilli to baby’s diet is recommended if baby has started to eat solid food.

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