Baby Rash All Over Body Due To Fifth Disease

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Baby rash all over body may occur since baby has not yet develop the immune system completely. The rash commonly occurs among babies is caused by microbes such as fungi, bacteria or virus. In some cases, the rash may occur as an allergic reaction due to internal or external factors. You can identify the rash with red bumps, patches, itches or crests all over the body or on a particular area of the skin.

Baby Rash All Over Body With Red Patches

Baby rash all over the body due to fifth disease is also popular as ‘slapped cheek’ syndrome. The name slapped cheeks is because the rash makes the cheeks red as if the cheeks were slapped. There are no specific symptoms; some of the cases reported to mention flu and fever as the symptoms. However, rash occurs one week after the infection is over on the upper part of the body accompanied with a spreading pattern. This rash creates an itchy sensation and will last for two or three weeks. Another symptoms of this rash is red rash occurs when baby is kept warm but will temporary disappear when baby has a cold bath. Occasionally, the rash will spread from upper body to lower parts of body and can caused baby to have lethargy sometimes.

Baby Rash All Over Body Is May Caused By Infection

There is no specific treatment for baby rash all over the body due to fifth disease. The rash will gradually resolve in a few weeks on its own. However, if the baby has a life threatening disease such as leukemia, sickle cell anemia or AIDS, baby definitely needs a treatment to resolve the rash. You need to remember that this fifth disease is a contagious disease. Baby or child with this disease is not allowed to mingle with other children before the rash appears. Once the rash appears, baby can play and mix with other children as usual.

Baby Rash All Over Body Due to Fifth Disease

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