Baby Rash On Bottom Due To Eczema

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The most common rash that baby has is baby rash on bottom. Occasionally the rash on bottom will likely to resolve within weeks and occur in sudden though you have prevented it though. There are several causes of rash on bottom such as chafing dermatitis, yeast infection or eczema. Babies at six to twelve at age may at risk to get this eczema on the bottom.

Baby RAsh On Bottom Due To Eczema

Eczema as the caused of baby rash on bottom makes the skin becomes itchy, red, dry and flaking. Some people have a chronic condition but children can improve over time. Eczema can be found at any part of the body including baby’s bottom, legs and groin area, but there are most common affected areas too such as scalp, cheeks, hand, around neck, elbows and knees. Before it strikes the bottom, the rash may develop on one part of the body and then spread to the bottom.

The Cause Of The Baby Rash On Bottom Due To Eczema Is Unidentified

The cause of the baby rash on bottom due to eczema is unidentified, and it may caused by more one solely thing. Eczema often appears when a member of the family has a history to have asthma or hay fever. The rash found on baby’s bottom may caused by allergens, irritants such as soap, detergent, or environmental factors such as stress or weather. In young children, eczema is likely to appear as a reaction to food allergies and children with severe eczema are susceptible to have one.

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Eczema as any other rashes will eventually go away and there is no exact cure recently. You can help to heal eczema by performing treatment. The treatment is meant to relieve the symptoms and manage eczema being improved. The treatment includes self-care techniques such as minimizing scratching and avoiding the triggers. Find the triggers such as detergent, soap, material clothing, particular foods and many more. You can treat eczema with medicated ointment or prescription too.

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