Baby Rash On Chest, What Kind Of Rash Is It?

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When your baby has baby rash on chest you might wonder, what kind of rash is it? Baby might develop skin rashes in their early age as their delicate, sensitive skin is adapting to a new environment. Most of rashes on baby will go by on their own though without special treatment. On the case of rash on chest, there are two possibilities, the first one your baby has a prickly heat or heat rash or your baby has eczema.

Baby Rash On Chest Has Little Bumps

Baby rash on chest because of prickly heat occur as the sweat glands blocked due to the heat exposure for too long, snug fitting clothing that makes particular skin area warmer than usual or areas of body that receive not enough ventilation and fresh air. The heat rash is commonly found on the face, in the folds of the neck, arm, groin, elbow creases and chest. The prickly heat or heat rash is recognized due to a small, bump or pimple, blister which is red or pinkish in color. Baby has smaller pores than adult has, that is why they sweat a lot and when they do, it is harder for baby to release the sweat from the body. Since they cannot manage to control their own body temperature, the rash appears.

Baby Rash On Chest Identified With Red Patches And Little Bumps

Baby rash on chest can identified from the itchy, red, dry, and cracked skin because of eczema. The eczema appears on babies under six months is mostly due to the allergies to milk and egg. Eczema will likely start to appear on the forehead, cheeks and around the mouth, arms, chest, back, elbow, knees, hands, ankles and legsĀ  You will notice your baby has eczema as it is early appear when a baby turns two or three months old or even earlier since. Check the history of allergies of the family, eczema case is often an inherited condition and most likely strike family that the member has asthma or hay fever.

Baby Rash On Chest And Back

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