Baby Rash On Chin Caused By Dribble Or Drool Rash

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Dribble rash is described as soreness or baby rash on chin or around the neck area. The skin around chin and neck might experience redness and irritation. The main cause is the excessive drool or dribble goes all over the chin and neck. Baby’s drool contains digestive enzyme that powerful enough to irritate the skin and make the rash occurs. Drooling is one episode that every baby will experience on the first year of baby’s life. Baby tends to drool more often when baby starts teething as baby produces more saliva naturally. Baby will start teething as early as three months old to twelve months and will carry on for few years.

Baby Rash On Chin Caused By Dribble Or Drool Rash

To treat baby rash on chin caused by dribble or drool rash typically a mild problem and the treatment is straightforward. A mild drool rash is easy to treat as you clean the drool area in the morning and the evening. You may clean the drool area with the soap or witch hazel. After you clean the drool area and the skin is completely dry, you can apply a lubricant such as petroleum jelly to prevent the drool do not in contact with skin directly so there will no irritation. Do not Applying an antibacterial barrier in the evening or before the baby is sleeping is one of the alternatives too.

Baby Is At Risk of Having Baby Rash On Chin When Teething

Baby rash on chin caused by baby drool might go bad, that is why doctor is usually prescribed steroid creams. The cream is helpful enough to get rid of the rash. Before the drool rash affected your baby’s skin, once you detect any excessive drool try to apply the lubricant or barrier cream. Make sure baby’s face and clothes free from saliva and as soon as the clothes wet, get it changed. Do not rub or wipe baby’s drool against the skin to dry it out, instead pat it with clean soft washcloth. Place the dribble bibs or any absorbent material around the neck is preferable too.

Apply Anti Bacterial Cream To Cure Baby Rash On Chin

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