What To Do For Baby Rash That Commonly Found On Baby

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A rash on baby is a common thing yet it is no fun for both baby and mommy, so what to do for baby rash exactly? It is normal for a new parents once they figure out some strange spots and mostly red in color cover up a particular areas of their loved one skin. A rash may occur on baby’s skin since their immune system has not completely develop yet and it is normal and common for babies especially on babies with super sensitive skin one.

What To Do For Baby Rash, Applying Little Over Cream

To know what to do for baby rash, a parent should know what kind of baby rash the baby has. There are several baby rash examples that commonly found on babies. First rash that commonly found on babies is diaper rash. A diaper is the main cause of the diaper rash due to its excess of moisture usually. When your baby has a diaper rash, a baby will likely to have patches of red or bumps on the bottom. The treatment for this diaper rash is airing out the bottom and applying a little over of diaper cream. For severe diaper rash, you may need a prescription from your baby pediatrician.

What To Do For Baby Rash, Airing Heat Rash

A heat rash is the second example of rashes that commonly found on babies. The main culprit is hot and humid weather or baby is getting too warm due to snugly clothing or diaper. What to do for baby rash this type, you need to make sure your baby wear comfortable clothes and make sure baby stays cool. No special treatment for this type of baby rash, as the small red or white spots is likely to go away by its own.

What To Do For Baby Rash, Ointment Will Help To Get Rid Of Cradle Capjpg

Newborn is also prone to have a cradle cap, one of common rashes that will experience by baby in their early age. You will find patches of dry scalp on a particular spot of baby’s head or eyebrows in white or yellow. Apply ointments or oils to help the dry scalp go away.

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