Baby Rash Creams Ingredients

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Baby rash cream for treating diaper rash is available in numerous of kinds that you can easily find at the local store. For you who opt for more natural treatment for special reason, you can make your own diaper rash cream that uses ingredients that you might find at home.Coconut Oil As Baby Rash Creams Ingredients

To make baby rash creams on your own you may need coconut oil. Coconut oil has a natural antibacterial and anti-fungal which is needed to battle the diaper rash. The usage of coconut oil only is effective enough on mild to moderate diaper rash and even a severe one, however when you add other ingredients it will make it more effective.

Shea butter is the next baby rash creams ingredients that might be essential to battle the diaper rash. Shea butter is often used as the main ingredients to make diaper rash cream as it contains fat soluble vitamins A and E. The substance will work best to soothe the affected skin and helps to protect the skin from drying out as it contains five essential fatty acids.Shea Butter Baby Rash Creams Ingredients

Beeswax is also prominent ingredients as it helps the other ingredients hold to the affected skin so it will more effective. The beeswax will also work as a protective barrier between skin and the diaper.

Fermented cod liver oil liquid. Although you might hardly hear cod liver is used to heal diaper rash, however the cod liver oil is one of the secret ingredients to heal baby’s diaper rash. For conventional diaper rash creams, people may refer to use fish oil as the ingredients but fermented cod liver oil is a great source of soluble vitamins which is needed to heal the rash.Beeswax As Baby Rash Creams Ingredients

Zinc oxide is the next common ingredients on baby rash creams. You may add it with other ingredients to make the creams work perfectly. The zinc oxide is insoluble in water and it works to cover the skin from drying out.

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