Baby With Rash On Face Caused By Milk Rash

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Various kinds of factors can cause baby with rash on face. The most common rash that can affect baby at any given ages is milk rash. Milk rash can appear as reddish rash that may occur on newborn’s chin, nose and cheeks. Milk rash on older baby is identified as white pimple-like growths which are usually found on baby face and shoulders. Allergic reaction to milk formulas or a hormonal reaction to mother breast milk is the main culprit why your baby has milk rash.

Baby with rash on face caused by milk rash may directly appear once the milk had dried on baby’s face or milk was not wiped clean. Milk rash may also occur when baby produce excessive saliva and drool a lot that makes the face always wet or face in contact with harsh chemicals like perfumes or colognes.Baby With Rash On Face Caused By Breast Milk Allergy

Baby with rash on face may need no treatment as the rash will resolve on its own, however parents occasionally deem this as annoying rash that should be get rid of soon. Here are some of the treatments for milk rash on baby’s face you can try:Baby-With-Rash-On-Face-Caused-By-Milk-Formula-Allergy

Parents in Southeast Asia use jasmine white sweet smelling flowers as natural remedies to treat rash. The flowers are widely used as a sedative, anti-depressant and a good aphrodisiac. For rashes, it is deemed that the healing compounds on jasmine flowers are good for treating rash due to milk rash. To apply the flowers, you need to chill them before applying it. Rub gently the flowers on baby affected skin. You will get two benefits from the oil releases by the flowers, clear up the rash and moisturize the skin.Baby With Rash On Face Caused By Milk Rash

Although may sounds impossible, but breast milk is one of the remedies that you can apply to treat milk rash. Besides it is natural healing properties, breast milk is also safe to use. Put a few drop of breast milk on a cotton ball and rub it gently on the affected skin. Reapply the usage until the rash disappears.

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