Why Your Baby Has A Rash On Face After Eating

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Why baby has a rash on face might lead to several conditions. Such conditions that may relate to rash on face are including eczema, allergic reaction, and contact dermatitis. The rash found on face after eating is the result of particular foods on baby diet. When baby has all-liquid diet, baby might have a milk cow’s allergy. When baby start eating solid food, food allergen may cause the rash occurs.

Baby HAs A Rash On Face Because Milk allergy

Why baby has a rash on face after eating, your baby might prone to have food allergy. Baby and children are susceptible to get food allergies. Milk allergy or soy allergy from formula baby has is the most common types of food allergy that found on baby. Besides milk or soy allergy, other foods such as fish, eggs, cow’s milk, wheat, and nuts are the other extremely allergic foods.Baby Has A Rash On Face Might Due To Foods

The other reason your baby has a rash on face after eating is due to contact dermatitis. This rash may occur when baby starts eating solid food and the rash is spotted on areas where the food is in contact with the affected skin only. The rash will cause the skin tender, inflamed, reddish, itchy, warm, and skin lesions on the affected skin.Wheat And Nut Can Cause Baby HAs Rash On Face

Another reason rash found on baby face is atopic dermatitis or popular as eczema. Eczema is a particular skin condition that lasts for a long time and mostly found on babies and children. Many factors can cause this condition to happen such as weather, environment, and foods. Foods like milk, nuts, and soy are the examples that cause eczema to break out. When a member of family of a baby has history of asthma and allergies, baby will likely to develop eczema. When baby has rash caused by eczema, the rash may occur on other part of baby and occur on baby face too.

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