Baby Rash On Face And Neck: Types And Treatment

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Baby Rash on face and neck may look extremely dreadful to parents. But, babies with delicate, sensitive skin and the body that has not yet developed the immune system fully are obviously prone to get rashes. Rash you might found on baby’s neck and face is likely a harmless one and may show no serious medical treatment if the rash not accompanied with other life-threatening symptoms.

Baby Rash On Face And Neck Due To Newborn Rashes

Several causes of baby rash on face and neck are due to minor illness such as dryness, mosquito bites or a sensitivity reaction towards baby cosmetics. The other minor illness that found on baby’s neck and face is cradle cap. Cradle cap is something unpreventable whatever preventatives you may perform to avoid it. The cradle cap is usually found on the top of the head but it may also found around the face and neck. Although it is unpreventable but you may treat it with home remedies such as applying baby oil on the cradle cap spots before bath time to loosen and remove the dry, scaly skin. An oatmeal bath is preferable to decrease the itchy and dry patches.GIving Oatmeal Bath To Treat Baby RAsh ON FAce And NEck

Baby rash on face and neck is might due to major illness too such as chicken pox and allergic reaction. Chicken pox may occur as tiny, itchy bumps that spotted in one part of body and then spread to other parts of body like face and neck. If you breastfeed your baby, try to breastfeed your baby more often as it will soothe, comfort her/him and boost immunity. Infants are rarely to have chicken pox, even so if you think your baby has one you need to see doctor since some babies can be very sick from it. An allergic reaction also causes spot and rash. The rash found on face and neck may associated with fever, breathing difficulty, diarrhea, vomiting, loss of appetite your baby is probably sick from allergic reaction and need professional medication immediately.Give Your Baby Frequent BreastFeed To Soothe Baby Rash ON Face And neck

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