My Baby Has A Rash From Fruit, Is It Possible?

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My baby has a rash caused by fruit, it sounds unusual. Baby is likely to develop rash due to irritations, hot weather, infections and many more. However, when baby starts to eat solid in her 6 months of age as parents, you may notice that your baby is sensitive or develop allergic reaction to particular foods such as fruits. Fruit is good for our health, however baby may develop skin rash after consuming fruits.My Baby HAs Rash Occurs Around Mouth

My baby has a rash from fruit or other food is likely a sign of allergic reaction or skin sensitivity. Baby that is sensitive to a type of foods other than fruit or has eczema needs a doctor consultation to prevent any potential allergic reaction caused by fruit. Although your baby shows allergic reaction to particular of fruit, it may be last for the time being. Doctor will recommend type of fruit baby can have and when to offer it. When baby consumes fruit that baby is allergic to, she/he is likely to develop skin rash.My Baby Has A Rash From Fruit

How do I am sure that my baby has a rash from particular of fruit? Identifying is the key. To identify the rash caused by fruit, after you introduce a fruit to your baby you need to wait for a day or two and then you can introduce another fruit. With this strategy, you may notice what fruit or food that cause skin rash to your baby. Fruit yogurt is also possible to be given, choose yogurt that contains fruit your baby has tried and does not cause a rash.My Baby Has A Rash From High AcidityFruit

The rash caused by fruit may appear around the mouth after eating foods. To prevent wider area of irritation, you can apply petroleum jelly that act as protective barrier around baby’s mouth before baby eats. Avoid offering fruit that contains high acidity to your baby such as citrus juice or juice from citrus fruit as high acidity fruit may give baby a painful and bad diaper rash.

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