Baby Rash On Genital Area: Is It A Sign Of Genital Thrush?

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Anyone would be worried finding their baby has a baby rash on genital area. Not everyone knows that rash on genital area is one of the sign of genital thrush. Before jump into the conclusion, it is better to recognize and understand what kind of rash that strikes the genital area of your baby. Baby has rash is common thing, although not popular genital thrush in babies also quite common. People thinks thrush will strike mouth or known as oral infection but the yeast infection or candidiasis is quite common striking the genital area of a baby.

Baby Rash On Genital Area Are Often Called Genital Thrush

The baby rash on genital area or genital thrush occurs in a condition of hot or humid weather, antibiotics consumption, or wet and dirty diaper that left for too long. However, the rash on genital area might a sign of a mild rash that will go away on its own in few days but when you find the rash is persistent you might consider it might be a yeast infection. The common rash strikes genitals, thighs and buttocks. To differentiate whether your baby has diaper rash or genital thrush, look at the color of the rash.

Baby Rash On Genital Area With Bright Pink Bumps

Baby rash on genital area caused by genital thrush will look bright red or pink. The edges of the rash is certain and defined. For a baby girl, the genital thrush is located on the inside of vaginal area and for baby boy the genital thrush is seen on the underside of his rash on baby private area. Other than reddish or pinkish patches you will see the rash is scaling and if it is severe there will be blister too. Since there is an inflammation, baby girl is going to feel itching and burning on the vaginal area. A vaginal discharge is one of the symptoms of genital thrush; the color is either yellowish or white. When a baby boy has a genital thrush, he is rarely has similar discharge though it is possible too.

Baby Rash On Genital Area With Bright Red Patches

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