Why Baby Rash On Head Occurs

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Why baby rash on head occurs? One of common rash that baby has is rash on head during the first year of life. New parents will be worried and it is normal to be alarmed since most rashes are not fun for parents and baby. This kind of rash like most of rashes baby has is harmless and will go away in a few days. However, as parents who concern about your baby you may add your knowledge about rash on baby head and what cause the rash appear.

Baby RAsh On Head Due To Cradle Cap

Baby rash on head that commonly found on babies is the cradle cap or seborrheic dermatitis. Most of cradle cap found on baby’s scalp. The scalp that has this rash will show a thick crust with scales in yellowish color that found on the greasy area of baby’s scalp. As another rashes the cradle cap causes mild redness and sometimes itch sensation to the skin. The main and exact cause of this rash has not yet identified. However, it is said that hormone passes from mother to baby can cause this condition to happen. An excess skin oil and irritation caused by malessizia fungus may cause the cradle cap to occur too.

Baby RAsh On Head Due To Tinea Capitis

Another cause why baby rash on head occurs is due to tinea capitis and ezcema. Those two occurs on baby’s scalp just the cradle cap does. When your baby has tinea capitis, the scalp is irritated and there will be swelling, sores and redness on the affected skin. Tinea capitis caused by fungus called dermatophyte and the trigger is poor hygiene. Meanwhile, the eczema will occurs as small red bumps that ooze. The eczema may cause crust too and cause itch sensation on the scalp of the affected area. The scalp may get worsen as the scalp is rubbed or scratched. The main cause of eczema is still unidentified, but eczema mostly inherited by family members that have eczema, asthma or allergies. Dry skin, fragrance soap, winter air and long baths may triggers eczema to occur too.

Baby RAsh On Head Due To Eczema

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