Baby Rash On Legs: What Are The Causes?

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Baby rash on legs and on any other parts of baby’s body may look dreadful to parents. Yet, during baby’s life, it is common to see one or two rashes as any other babies may experience the same thing. Most rashes are actually harmless and with symptomatic treatments such as giving home remedies or over-the-counter medicines, parent may help to prevent the rash getting worse and even to help to heal it.Baby Rash On Legs Due To Cellulitis

There are some different causes of baby rash on legs. The rash may be a sign of an infection, a response to inflammatory or even an indication of a serious condition. Among the causes, the most common causes of rashes found on baby are caused by viral illness. The most common rashes due to viral illness are fifth disease caused by parvovirus. Baby with fifth disease will develop redness, itchiness and blotchy rash on her/his legs. Cellulitis or infections caused by bacteria may cause the red rash on the legs too. Other than that, fungal infection like ringworm is also common to cause round, scaly patch on the legs.Baby Rash On Legs Due To fifth Disease

You can also determine what kind of baby rash on legs your baby has by identifying the rashes. The rash that identified as a flat, red, with discrete spots of rash may due to viral infections called macules. While other rash identified as vesicles contain with fluid is often associated with chickenpox. A raised red patches with a defined borders along with consistent inflammation may due to an allergic reaction or urticaria or also known as hives.Baby Rash On Legs Due To Hives

Some of rashes are often accompanied with other symptoms and it will help you to identify what rash it is. Allergic reactions for example, other than rash the following symptoms are hives, itching, and difficulty of breathing on the face, neck and around eyes in serious cases.

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