Baby Rash On Buttocks Caused By Pee

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Baby rash on buttocks or often associated with diaper rash is a skin condition when the affected area of the skin is paler or darker compared to the surrounding skin. The rash on buttocks due to diaper rash can occur as baby is left for too long with dirty and or wet diaper. Wet diaper might due to too much moisture caused by diaper material or baby pee.Baby Rash On Buttocks Caused By Baby Urine

Baby rash on buttocks caused by pee may occur as the pH or acid balance of baby’s urine is adjusted. The urine may damage baby’s buttocks as urine is persistently in contact with baby’s skin for a long period of time. Normally baby’s urine is sterile and will not do any harm on baby buttocks. When the diaper contains baby pee left on too long, bacteria will occur and change pH balance of baby’s urine. This changes can burn or sting baby’s skin. Baby‘s buttock is often looked bumpy, shiny and blotchy. The skin looks reddish and irritated when the rash gets worse. For the severe diaper rash, you may find peel of skin or blister.Baby Rash On Buttocks Caused By Pee

The change of pH balance of baby urine is not only caused by bacteria. Baby rash on buttocks caused by pee might occur as baby has particular diet. When baby starts solid food, the risk of having diaper rash is greater since certain food can change the pH balance of baby’s urine and stool. As baby starts solid food, the renal solute which contains of minerals and urea will normally increase and kidney will filter it from blood and then go out along with urine.Baby Rash On Buttocks Looks Intense Red

Teething is also one of the triggers of pH balance of baby’s urine and stools changes. Teething is a temporary condition that occurs in a few days. After the tooth or teeth are presenting on baby’s gums, baby’s skin might not become irritated or diaper rash might resolve on its own.

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