Baby Rash Photos: Two Common Rashes On Baby

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As a parent, it iseasier to identify what kind of rash that your baby has through baby rash photos. A baby, despite their delicate, smooth skin baby does not have enough barriers to protect it from irritation. Unfortunately, baby is also unable to manage her/his own body temperature which is why rashes are commonly found on baby although adult has the same risk to get the rash too. Some cases, the rash will likely to appear and go away by its own as the time goes by.

Baby Rash Photos Of Diaper Rash

One rash that commonly found on babies is diaper rash. The baby rash photos show you enough to detect what a diaper rash looks like. The diaper rash occurs on baby’s bottom with a reddish or pinkish patchwork. The rash will likely strikes the genital area and around thigh where the folds on too, if the agent or core problem is spreading out. Some cases, the pinkish or reddish skin is sometimes followed with bumps and either dry or moist. To prevent the diaper rash you need to change the diaper regularly and do not leave your baby too long with wet or dirty diaper.

Baby Rash Photos, The Skin Looks Pinkish To Red

To identify the cause of rash other than a diaper rash, you may look on below baby rash photos caused by yeast infection. A yeast infection or also called fungal infection or Candida albicans is likely occurs in the area where the skin folds are warmer and moister than usual. You will see that the rash followed by lesions with redness around the lesions. The other symptom or sign of yeast infection is you also found lesions on outer of diaper area such as thigh or abdomen. When you are not sure whether your baby has a diaper rash or yeast infection, you may visit your doctor after there is no changes on the rash within seven days or the rash heals but then reappears.

Baby Rash Photos Of Yeast Infection

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