Baby Rash On Stomach Due to Roseola

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Baby rash on stomach may occur due to prickly heat, an allergic reaction, chicken pox, and many others. When the rash on baby’s stomach occurs after your baby getting a fever, it is possible that your baby has a Roseola. Roseola is also known as a sixth disease or roseola infantum. It occasionally strikes child as young as six months and three years old at age. The disease is a common viral illness and it is pretty mild. The cause of the disease is due to a kind of not-the-type-of sexually transmitted herpes virus.

Baby RAsh On Stomach Due To Roseola Occurs After Fever

Baby rash on stomach due to roseola occurs after baby has a sudden, high fever that usually reach 103 degrees Fahrenheit or over. The fever caused by the disease is usually lasts for three to five days and once it ends the telltale rash occurs. The rash caused by roseola disease occurs as small flat spots or raised bumps and it rosy pink in color. The rash is typically last for two days or hours only. When you press the rash you will see that it turns white. The rash will not cause itchiness or uncomfortable to baby and it is not contagious. You will spot the rashes appear on the neck, stomach, chest, and back. The rash can spread to arms, legs and face too.Baby RAsh On Stomach Due To Roseola

The other symptoms of roseola despite of the baby rash on stomach is tiredness, irritation, mild diarrhea, loss of appetite, red eyes, swollen eyelids, sore throat or a runny nose. You will find lymph nodes in the neck and skull a bit enlarged too. Although the associated mentioned symptoms and high fever occur, your baby may not appear ill.

Roseola can cause a febrile seizure although it is rarely found or only 10-15% children have it. Children can go unconscious and jerk the arms, legs or facial muscles for about two or three times. Losing control of bladder or bowels may occur too.Baby RAsh On Stomach, Face, Arms

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