Baby Rashes On Face And Neck

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Rashes on neck and face do not cause much harm to the baby’s condition. But, you need to take care to help the rashes cure quicker. Usually, neck rashes are located on skin fold on his neck. Face rashes are red spots that are spread on your baby’s face. Usually, the rashes come around mouth and cheek. Neck and face rashes are commonly happened until the age of 4 months from his birth. Heat, moisture, chubby neck, and friction are main factors that can cause neck rashes. While drooling, rubbing face to the parent’ cloths, and pacifier are several factors that can cause face rashes. There are several treatments that you can apply to secure baby rashes on face and neck.

Baby Rashes On Face Baby Rashes On Neck

  1. Wash the rashes area with a damp soft cloth. This way is aimed to remove any dirt in affected area. Do not use harsh detergent soap. You just need to use clean water and sponge for cleaning neck fold.
  2. After washing your baby, you need to dry the neck and face well.
  3. Let the neck and face to air. Dry skin will evaporate the moisture. Less moisture will heal the rashes faster.
  4. As can as possible, do not use moisturizer. Moisturizer can worsen the rashes. If you should use it, choose the one that contains olive oil.
  5. Choose soft and loose clothes for your baby. Scratchy, harsh, and tight fabric can irritate his skin.
  6. If the rashes are also caused by heat, put humidifier to make your room cooler.
  7. Do not let your children rub his face on your cloths.
  8. Always clean and dry his face after eating something. You should make sure that his face is always clean and dry.
  9. You need to visit doctor if you find that the rashes are still appear after applying good care, the rashes are breaking and oozing the blood, and the rashes are spreading to other areas that are free from moisture

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