Baby Rashes On Legs Caused By Virus

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The causes of baby rashes on legs are various. Among the causes there are types of less common causes of rash on baby’s legs such as hand, foot and mouth disease and molluscum contagiosum. Both of the rashes are caused by virus.Baby Rashes On Legs Caused By Virus

Hand, foot and mouth disease is caused by cocksackie virus that causes baby rashes on legs. The rash caused by the virus is distinct one and baby is likely to develop the rash during spring and summer time. The rash may occur after baby develops fever. Once the fever disappears, you will see sore bumps on inflamed, pink surrounding the skin. The rash may cause lesions that spotted on baby’s hands, upper legs, buttocks and in the mouth. Hand, foot and mouth disease may be treated by keeping the fever down and make sure baby eats well or drink a lot if she has not yet start solid food as the mouth sore can cause baby fussy.Baby Rashes On Legs Caused By Cocksackie Virus

The second cause of baby rashes on legs due to virus is Molluscum contagiosum. The culprit of Molluscum contagiosum is a pox virus. This kind of rash is rarely an issue for newborn baby but baby over the age of one is likely to develop the rash. The rash may contagious and spread to other family members. You can identify the rash through painless, skin-toned, pink, or pearly bumps rash that has a visible core in the center of it. The rash is often spotted in warm, creases especially behind the knees. The rash may last for months as the rash may resolve on its own as baby immune system will take the charge to get rid of the molluscum. However, you may accelerate the process of healing by applying prescribed creams that help the immune system’s response of the skin to stimulate the healing process faster.Baby-Rashes-On-Legs-Caused-By-Molluscum-contagiosum

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