Baby Rashes On Neck Due To Irritation

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New parents are normally distressed to find out baby rashes on neck. Those unsightly blemishes are might not a big deal and may resolve on its own, but with few knowledge what should parents do with the rash is more concerning. To determine what kind of treatment that should be given, you need to identify what kind of rash your baby might have. Here are some of the causes and the identification.Common Baby Rashes On Neck Due To Irritation
Baby rashes on neck might be caused by skin irritation. It is true that most of babies are cute and even has chubby skin folds under the chin. Before baby can hold the head up on her own, baby is susceptible to develop skin rashes on neck. The skin on the neck will constantly rub against itself and cause the skin irritation that leads to skin rash. The rash may not need any treatment because when baby learns how to hold up the neck the rash is decreasing. You may help to prevent the rash gets worse by keep the affected area as dry as possible and avoid using soap as it aggravates the rash for the time being.Baby Rashes On Neck Roll Due To Irritation
However, baby rashes on neck due to irritation are not solely caused by chubby skin folds on the neck. The rash may occur since baby develops fungal or yeast infections in the skin folds. The warm, wet place on baby’s skin folds of the neck makes it a perfect place for fungus called candida or commonly known as yeast to form and live in the skin folds. Although yeast infection is highly related with diaper rash but when there is a good environment for the fungus live such as in skin folds, yeast infection may occur.Baby Rashes On Neck Due To Irritation
The rash on baby neck as mentioned before may resolve on its own within few weeks or until baby can hold up the neck on its own. However, when you have performed any treatment to keep the neck of the baby dry but there is no improvement or the rash get worse, you should call doctor immediately.

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