Baby Scalp Rash Possibilities

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Baby scalp rash can be a sign of various skin conditions that makes the parents be alarmed. Rash on baby is common and most of rashes are benign. The scalp rash on baby is often associated with seborrheic dermatitis or often called cradle cap. The other possibilities are tinea capitis and eczema.Baby Scalp Rash Caused By Tinea Capitis

Since the appearance of tinea capitis, cradle cap and eczema are similar you can determine baby scalp rash is through the identification. Baby who has cradle cap or seborrheic dermatitis will develop thick crust spotted on baby scalp. The rash appears as yellowish scales in greasy areas of affected skin. Some of the time cradle cap causes redness and itchiness too.Baby Scalp Rash Caused By Eczema

Baby scalp rash due to tinea capitis causes irritation to affected scalp. The irritation is not only the symptoms; swelling, sores and redness are often associated with the condition too. Meanwhile, when your baby has eczema, the rash will likely to appear in the early year of baby’s life. The rash is identified as small red bumps that occasionally ooze and crust over. This condition makes the scalp of baby become uncomfortably itchy. The rash will be getting worse if the affected scalp is scratched.Baby Scalp Rash Caused By Cradl

 The scalp rash caused by cradle cap is still unidentified, mother passes hormones to infant infinal stage of pregnancy is one of the possible causes why scalp rash occurs. The other possibilities are too much skin oil and a fungus irritation called malessizia. Meanwhile, the causes of tinea capitis are a fungus called dermatophyte and poor hygiene of baby environment. Great risk of exposed to this fungus when baby is in daycare or being African. Until now, the causes of eczema are still unknown except other family members has history with eczema, asthma or allergies. Eczema can be irritated by particular factors such as environment, foods, or chemical substances.

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