Baby Skin Rash On Face: Baby Acne

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The causes of baby skin rash on face are numerous and baby acne is one of the causes. Acne neonatorum or often known as baby acne is a skin condition that commonly observed among newborn. Almost all babies will experience this skin condition with red spots on skin. Although the rash looks like teenage acne, parents should not be worried as this condition is quite normal among babies since during the last semester of pregnancy mother may pass hormones that trigger sebaceous glands production of baby. As result soon after baby is born you may notice red pimples and skin rashes on baby’s forehead or blackheads on some babies.Baby Skin Rash On Face Due To Baby Acne

Baby skin rash on face due to baby acne usually comes into existence in the third weeks after baby is born. It is said that baby boys is more susceptible to develop baby acne than baby girls. Parents are commonly taking a short cut to get rid of the baby acne since it is unsightly blemishes by applying creams or ointments that said will heal baby acne. The myth that baby acne requires serious treatment adds the hard time for parents. The fact is time will heal baby acne and parents should deal with patience to heal baby acne. The rash may lingers on baby face for about six months, if the rash lasts longer than six months you need a doctor’s consultation because the rash may change into further complications.

Although the baby skin rash on face due to baby acne needs no treatment, you may prevent the rash going sores by applying home remedies as followed:Baby Skin Rash On Face Usually Exists In Third Weeks After BAby Is Born

Avoid washing or touching baby’s affected area using untidy cloth.

Do not use any lotions and any harsh medications.Avoid Rubbing Baby Skin Rash On Face Due TO Baby Acne

Nursing mothers should have a diet plan by not taking too much oily food. Milk quality may be affected by oily food that indirectly affects the baby acne. Mother needs more fresh fruit and juice or any other nutritious food to help to heal the rash faster.

Applying breast milk to affected part of the skin is believed as the natural ways to treat baby acne. Gently swab the breast milk using cotton swab on affected area and let it dry.

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