Baby Wipes Diaper Rash: Can It Be Happened?

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Can baby wipes diaper rash happened? Some of the commonly found causes of diaper rash on babies are irritation due to skin in contact with stool and or urine for too long, chemicals substances used in disposable diapers, infection, food allergies and residues from detergents or softeners. Some babies are also exposed to wipes as mother uses it to clean the buttock and other diaper areas in nappy changing time and then the diaper rash occurs.

Baby Wipes Diaper Rash May Occur As The Reaction to the preservatives Used

Baby wipes diaper rash may occur as prolonged usage of wipes on baby’s diaper area. Why baby wipes can cause the diaper rash? The preservatives used as the ingredients of wipes methylchloroisothiazolinone and methylisothiazoline might be the culprit the rash occur on diaper area. Almost all wipes use the preservatives on their product and methylchloroisothiazolinone is not a new combination of preservatives. The preservatives used in baby wipes help to stop the growth of bacteria or fungus and prevent the wipes going bad.Baby Wipes Diaper Rash Occurs ON Some Babies - Copy Avoid Baby Wipes Diaper RAsh By Cleaning Baby With Warm Water - Copy

Unfortunately, this preservatives trigger baby wipes diaper rash to occur. For some babies who have delicate sensitive skin, this preservative may be bad. The preservatives will act as an agent of irritant and cause the so-called “baby wipes” dermatitis. That is why when parents using product with the mentioned preservatives, a baby can be sensitized and as a result, the body develop immune reaction. The reactions can be varied; starting from red patches, crusting, swelling, and blistering. However, not all babies develop the same reaction. When parents are comfortable using wipes to clean the dirt or wet on their baby buttocks they may continue the usage until their baby develops the rash that seems does not resolve on its own in few days. Stop the wipes immediately as you notice the persistent rash occurs, the wipes might be a problem. To make sure, you need a test run by a dermatologist.

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